Jumat, 07 September 2012

Open Online Shop or No?

okey, ini blog kan masih baru aku lagi kepikiran mau jadiin ini blog buat aku jualan online shop juga gimana ya? bagus nggak ya? tapi maasih labil juga m.m memang susah yah kalo masih jadi anak labil kayak aku gini, mau mutusin sesuatu aja lama banget. T.T

introduce myself

okay, let me introduce my self like this yeaa...
my name is Hana Christina Rondoh but people call me ''Hana". I'am 14 years old and I currently live in Samarinda, Indonesia. now I'am 9 grade on one of Junior High School in Samarinda and I really bored with my school now, and I really want pass soon, i wanna be a student on school of Senior High School, Ohayaa maybe that's look veryh nice :3 thennnn oheya, I have parents, a daddy and a mommy, they are the best parents in the world ever i had ({}) *bighug* and I have a sister, I'm very love her :* although sometimes Her will make me angry or sad but She is the best sister in the world ever i had :'), umm i don't have anything to publish again. So, this is the short profile of my self :3
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